introducing the revolutionary rv fridge fan

Features & Benefits

Removes Excess Heat & Carbon Dioxide

Never have to worry about where the sun is on the van or putting up a shade sail. Our fan helps run the fridge 7 and sometimes up to 10 degrees cooler internally. 

With the internal fridge fan kit there are no more hot or cold stops inside the fridge. Milk doesn’t go off and the beer is cooler, 

More Economical on Power

Because the fridge is not fighting against it self at it is running cooler it uses less gas or power for the same result.

Will halve the cool down time on first start up. You'll never have to run your fridge flat out again.

Suits Any Three-Way Caravan Gas/12v/240v Fridge

With a variety of different fan kits, we have something to fit any Caravan fridge. If in doubt please contact us.

Easy DIY Installation

With our simple, easy to follow instructions and ready to assemble kit, even the most novice of handymen can install our fans.

Happy customers

Works great, easy to install and will hopefully make a difference in the warmer days! Thanks Karl.

Matt F.

After trying to find a solution for our caravan fridge problem, we come across Karl's kool van fridge fans kit. The fridge fan kit was hassle free to fit and came with easy to understand instructions. I was very impressed with the great customer service, all of my questions being answered with quick response and clarity. 

We found that our fridge is now running better than ever and we no longer have to worry about it, giving us piece of mind. 

Rohan W.