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5600 single fan with a TE888 Controller

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5600 single fan and a TE888 controller to automatically control when the fan turns on and off. 
Perfect for heat extraction from battery boxes and electrical boxes  

Can be set to any off/on temperature by the consumer  

This is How we test it!!

With 14V(VDC) current we lock the blade, the circuit current is maintained or within a narrow range for 72 hours . it will protect the motor and it will not be damaged



5600 series = 108.89 CFM ( cubic feet per minute ) PER FAN

AMP Draw Per Fan 0.52(A)

Speed 3000 (RPM)

Max.Air Pressure 9.29mmH20)

Operating Voltage 6~14.0(VDC)

Noise = only 43.5dBA per fan 

INPUT Power 6.24(W)

Operating Temperature/humidity -10C~70C, 15~95%RH the average life expectancy of about 30,000 working hours 

* all figures are +- 10% * 


100cm wire from TE888 controller to fan

40cm wire from controller to 12v connection.