2500S Electrical/Inverter space Cooler includes our popular TE888 Controller.

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This unit is made especially designed for cooling down spaces like Inverter cabinet, any electrical space where controlled air flow is needed to stop systems from shutting down. It is the quietest and most powerful fan in its class.

 A single 2500 fan inc. a black mesh cover. This unit is coupled with our most popular TE888 controller so you can adjust the temperature cut on and off with the push of a button. 


2500 series = 63.46 CFM ( cubic feet per minute ) PER FAN

AMP Draw Per Fan 0.20(A)

Speed 2100 (RPM)

Max.Air Pressure 2.86(mmH20)

Operating Voltage 6~14.0(VDC)

Noise = only 33.6dBA 

INPUT Power 1.80(W)

Operating Temperature/humidity -10C~70C, 15~95%RH the average life expectancy of about 30,000 working hours 

Life Expectancy  Rated voltage,40C relative humidity 15

* all figures are +- 10% *