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Dual Fan Fitting Instructions

Fitting Instructions for DUAL FANS and controller

1. Remove the top and bottom outside vents from the van.

2. Find where you will mount the controller to be visible in the lower vent when closed.

3. Attach the top fans with the KARLS KOOL FRIDGE FANS sticker facing away from the van ( This is the direction the fans will blow) and attach with the cable white ties supplied.

4. Gently drop the controller box and lower fans down the inside between the fridge against the inside wall until it appears in the down vent at the bottom of the fridge. Please make sure you drop the box down the opposite side away from the flue.

5. Attach the controller box with a small dab of silicone or double sided tape.
If this doesn't work you may need to seperate the controller from the fans at the connectors and Drop a piece of string down the inside where you want the wires to go. Tie it to the wire and pull it up. Connect the wires again to the fan and off you go.
Please make sure you reconnect the wires red to red and black to black or the fans will NOT work.

6. Make sure the fans are clear of obstructions and any fouling.

7. Connect the power source wires that are located from the controller , black to negative (-) and red to positive (+)

8. Connect the temperature probe to the black horizontal pipe running along the bottom of the fridge. It is normally about 25mm in diameter. The centre reading on the controller should read anywhere between 35 and 65 degrees while the fridge is running.

9. All done. If you don't like the settings please change them by using the black up and down buttons on the controller. LH side is the fan start temp and the RH side is the fan stop..the middle is the current temp of the probe. I have found a setting of 45 on and 40 off is a good place to start but please experiment if you wish. Please always make sure the ON temperature on the left hand side is always higher than the OFF temperature on the right hand side otherwise the fans will run continually.